Minor Provincials

2022 Minor Provincial Schedule

Bantam 12-A-Side

Tier I

Semi-Finals - November 11-13

Southern Alberta “A2” at Capital District “A”

Calgary “A” at Southern Alberta “A”

FinalNovember 18-20

Winner Southern Alberta “A2”/ Capital District “A” hosts


Tier II 

Final - November 11-13

Central “A” at Rangeland “A”


Tier III

Final - November 11-13

Capital District “B” at Calgary “B”


Bantam 9-A-Side 

9-A-Side Tier I

Semi-Final - November 11-13

Wheatland 1st at Mighty Peace 1st - Grande Prairie CKC Field

Final - November 18-20

WINNER SEMI-FINAL at Capital District - Location & Time TBD


9-A-Side Tier II

Final - November 11-13

Central Alberta at Southern Alberta


9-A-Side Tier III

Finals - November 11-13

Southern Alberta 5th at Central 5th




12-A-Side Tier I Final - November 5th @ Shouldice Athletic Park

Calgary “A” at Calgary “A2”

12-A-Side Tier III Final - November 11-13

Central Alberta “A” at Lloydminster “A”

9-A-Side Tier I Finals - November 11-13

Capital District “A” at Central Alberta “A”


2021 Bantam Minor Provincial Schedule

Tier I Final

Raymond Comets 9  Calgary Cowboys 0

Tier II Final

Medicine Hat Hawks 35  Lloydminster Jr. Red Dogs 21


Tier I Semi-Finals

Calgary Cowboys 11  St. Albert 49ers 6

Raymond Comets 32  Calgary Stampeders 10


Tier II Semi-Finals

Lloydminster Junior Red Dogs 45  Notre Dame Jr. Cougars 13

Medicine Hat Hawks 21 Lindsay Thurber Jr. Raiders 7


9-A-Side Tier I Final

Leduc Ti-Cats 53 Claresholm Cobras 12

9-A-Side Tier I Semi-Final 

Leduc Ti-Cats 52  Grande Prairie Broncos 14

Claresholm Cobras 30 at Sylvan Lake Lions 28


9-A-Side Tier II Finals

Edmonton Seahawks 30  Drumheller Titans 12


Bantam League Championships

Capital District Bantam League Final: (Tier I)

SAMFA 49ers 41  West Edmonton Raiders 36 

Calgary Bantam League Final: (Tier I)

Calgary Cowboys 30  Calgary Stampeders 27 OT

Southern Alberta Bantam League Final: (Tier I)

Raymond 36  Lethbridge Jr. Rams 6

Wheatland Bantam League Final: (Tier II)

Lloydminster Jr. Red Dogs 34  Bonnyville Bandits 22

Central Bantam League Final: (Tier II)

Lindsay Thurber Jr. Raiders 20  Notre Dame Jr. Cougars 0

Rangeland Bantam League Final: (Tier II)

Medicine Hat Hawks 43  Medicine Hat Colts 27

Capital District Bantam 9-A-Side League Final: (9-A-Side Tier I)

Leduc Ticats 69  Spruce Grove Cougars 41

Mighty Peace Bantam 9-A-Side League Final: (9-A-Side Tier I)

Grande Prairie Broncos 54  Sexsmith Shamrocks 12

Central Bantam 9-A-Side League Final: (9-A-Side Tier I)

Sylvan Lake Lions 46  Rocky Mountain House Rebels 8

Southern Alberta Bantam 9-A-Side League Final: (9-A-Side Tier I)

Claresholm Cobras 34  Lethbridge Coyotes 28

Capital District Bantam 9-A-Side League Final: (9-A-Side Tier II)

Edmonton Seahawks 36  Stony Plain Bombers 20

Central Bantam 9-A-Side League Final: (9-A-Side Tier II)

Drumheller Titans 67  Lacombe Raiders 28


2021 Peewee Minor Provincial Schedule

12-A-Side Tier I Final

Calgary Cowboys 40  Airdrie Storm 0


12-A-Side Tier III Final

Red Deer Hornets 50  Wainwright Guard Dogs 6


9-A-Side Tier 1 Finals

Fort Saskatchewan Falcons 46  Sylvan Lake Bears 20


2021 Peewee League Champions

Calgary Peewee League Finals:

Calgary Cowboys 40  Airdrie Storm 0

Lloydminster Peewee League Finals (Tier III):

Wainwright Guard Dogs 33  Lloydminster Steelers 8

Central Peewee League Finals (Tier III):

Red Deer Hornets 30  Red Deer Steelers 19

Capital District 9-A-Side League Finals (9-A-Side Tier I):

Fort Saskatchewan Falcons 48  Edmonton Chargers 32

Central 9-A-Side League Finals (9-A-Side Tier I):

Sylvan Lake Bears 56  Olds Huskies 10


Download a pdf of the Minor-Provincials-Policy-and-Procedures-Manual-2021 (updated October 2021) to ensure your team follows regulation and is eligible for provincial playoffs. See the table below for a complete listing of the all-time Provincial Championship game results.


2019 Minor Provincial Schedule

Bantam Provincial Finals - November 16

Tier I Final Spruce Grove Cougars 39  
Sherwood Park Rams 14
Tier I Semi-Finals Spruce Grove Cougars 59 Sherwood Park Rams 20
Raymond Comets 13 Calgary Wildcats 15
Tier II Final Lloydminster Red Dogs 30  
Stettler Cougars 21
Tier II Semi-Finals Stettler Cougars 21 Lloydminster Red Dogs 51
Parkside Pythons 20 Grande Prairie Broncos 7
Tier III Finals Edmonton Chargers  7  
Airdrie Raiders 4
Tier IV Finals Magrath Wolverines  50  
Red Deer Notre Dame Jr. Cougars 12


Bantam League Championships - November 2

Southern Alberta Minor Football Association - TIER I  Raymond Comets 35 Capital District Minor Football Association Bantam - TIER I  Spruce Grove Cougars 39
Lethbridge Jr. Rams 14 Sherwood Park Rams 7
Calgary Bantam Football League - TIER I  Calgary Wildcats 8  Central Alberta Football League Bantam - TIER II  Stettler Cougars  56
Calgary Cowboys 0 Sylvan Lake Lions 20
Rangeland Football League Bantam - TIER II  Parkside Pythons 48  Wheatland Bantam Football League - TIER II  Lloydminster Red Dogs 27
Medicine Hat Hawks 31 St. Paul Bengals 22 
Mighty Peace Bantam Football League - TIER II  Grande Prairie Broncos 33  Calgary Bantam Football League - TIER III  Airdrie Raiders  16
Sexsmith Shamrocks 18 Calgary Bulldogs 15 
Capital District Minor Football Association Bantam - TIER III Edmonton Chargers 38  Southern Alberta Minor Football Association Bantam - TIER IV  Magrath Wolverines 54
Edmonton Raiders 1 Lethbridge Jr. Cougars 24 
Central Alberta Football League Bantam - TIER IV  Red Deer Jr. Cougars 24      
Strathmore Badgers 12      

Peewee Provincials - November 9

TIER I Final  Calgary Wildcats 46       
 Spruce Grove Cougars 0  TIER II Final  Foothills Eagles 40 
TIER III Final  Lloydminster Colts  46   Sherwood Park Rams
 Red Deer Hornet 12       

Peewee League Championships- November 2/3

Calgary Peewee Football League - TIER I Calgary Wildcats 24 Capital District Minor Football Association Peewee - TIER I Spruce Grove Cougars 23
Calgary Mavericks 14 Edmonton Chargers 22
Calgary Peewee Football League - TIER II Foothills Eagles 21 Capital District Minor Football Association Peewee - Tier II Sherwood Park Rams 25
Calgary Stampeders 14 Edmonton Seahawks 8
Lloydminster Peewee Football League - TIER III Lloydminster Colts 46 Central Peewee League - TIER III Red Deer Hornets 26
Bonnyville Renegades 8 Strathmore Badgers 12


Previous Results







The following is information from the Minor Provincials Policy and Procedure Manual that is still fairly new.  Please ensure that this information is distributed accordingly throughout your league so that all member clubs are aware of the following:

The Football:

Starting in the 2010 season the official football to be used for Provincial Playoffs will be the Wilson TDY Leather or Composite football for Bantam and Wilson TDJ Leather or Composite Football for Pee-Wee .  Leagues and teams may continue to use whatever they wish during league play but for the purposes of Provincials the host team must have a good selection (minimum 3) of quality TDY or TDJ leather balls for usage by the officials.  No ball switching will take place during Provincials as per the rule book.

Season of Play:

Season of Play for all Minor Football in the Province to be included in the Minor Provincials Policy and Procedure Manual read as follows:

  • Off-Season:  This includes the months of December, January, and February in their entirety.  Teams and association may do all the administrative activities they wish and are also free to host gatherings for their players in whatever venue they wish (i.e. gym nights).  Players can attend off-season camps as individuals or whatever indoor team activity their club provides.
  • Spring Season:  This includes the months of March, April, May, and June in their entirety.  All teams may do any and all on and off-field activities they wish during this time.  This will allow for ample time for the Midget season to take place and all other levels of minor football to run as much or as little spring programming as they wish.
  • Summer Break:  This includes the entire month of July.  Teams and associations may continue to do administrative activities during this time (i.e. registrations, equipment handouts), but no formal on or off field activities for the players will be allowed in equipment or not.  Athletes may attend summer football camps (i.e. University of Calgary Summer Football Camp) or Alberta Summer Games/Football Alberta elite program events as individuals but no coach, team, league, or association that is a member of Football Alberta at the minor football level may be the sponsor or organizer of summer camps for the purposes of training their athletes as a team.
  • Fall Season:  Teams and Associations will be allowed to start practices on August 1st of each year.  Leagues and Associations will be allowed the flexibility to determine when they can start their regular season and/or pre-season tournaments but it would be recommended that 10 calendar days and at least 6 practises be allowed before any competition between teams takes place.  The regular season for all leagues will conclude with their championship games played the first full weekend in November (i.e. both Saturday and Sunday are November dates).  This will allow for 14 weeks of league play including playoffs.
  • Provincials:  Provincial play for Pee-Wee and Bantam representative teams will commence the second full weekend in November and will conclude as per the schedule set by the Minor Football Committee and the previous years Planning Meeting.  Atom football will continue finish up at the end of the regular season with the champions of the Capital District Tier I division declared Provincial Champion at that age category.Consequences for not following the Seasons of Play Guidelines would fall into two categories:

TEAM - if a single team chooses not to follow the Seasons of Play Guidelines they would then forfeit any right to access Football Alberta programs and services.  This would include everything from insurance to coaches clinic access to Alberta Summer Games and Bantam Bowls.  Their League or Association would be free to choose whether or not they would be allowed to continue in regular season play or not but regardless of their record on the year, should they be allowed to continue, they would not be eligible for Provincials

LEAGUE or ASSOCIATION - if an entire league or association chooses not to follow the Seasons of Play Guidelines they would suffer the same consequences as in the TEAM section above as a group and none of their representative teams would be eligible for Provincials.

NOTE:  In either situation above the discovery of these incidents would have to be proven by evidence provided and would be dealt with on a case by case basis.

Bantam Provincial Championship Record

Tier I

Tier II

Tier III

Tier IV

Year Final  Final Final  
Raymond Jr. Comets 29
Leduc Ti-Cats 12
Raymond Jr. Comets 20
Leduc Ti-Cats 14 (OT)
Leduc Ti-Cats 56
Brooks Roadrunners 38
Edmonton Chargers 28
Raymond Comets 26
Sherwood Park Rams 38
Cardston Cougars 10
Taber Cowboys 27
Calgary Hilltoppers 20
Sherwood Park Rams 20
Raymond Jr. Comets 18
Raymond Jr. Comets 35
Sherwood Park Northstars 7
Calgary Cowboys 32
Sherwood Park Rams 6
Raymond Jr. Comets 21
Edmonton Chargers 7
Sherwood Park Rams 44
Calgary Wildcats 22
Sherwood Park Rams 42
Calgary Bulldogs 13
St. Albert 49ers 16
Foothills Eagles 14
Edmonton Seahawks 24
Lethbridge Stampeders 14
Sherwood Park Rams 31
Calgary Bulldogs 0
Calgary Mavericks 48
Sherwood Park Wolverines 0
Leduc Wildcats 17
Cochrane Lions 16
Sherwood Park Rams 14
Raymond Jr. Comets 2
Edmonton Chargers 17
Cochrane Lions 8
Calgary Mavericks 29
Lacombe Raiders 14
Raymond Jr. Comets 43
Calgary Hilltoppers 7
Calgary Wildcats 13
Foothills Falcons 7
Edmonton Chargers 20
Brooks Roadrunners 7
Sherwood Park Rams 37
Raymond Jr. Comets 7
Foothills Falcons 54
Calgary Colts 26
Lloyminster Chargers 20
Cochrane Lions 0
Grande Prairie Broncos 26
Strathmore Spartans 6
Spruce Grove Cougars 31
Calgary Stampeders 30
Calgary Wildcats 34
St. Albert Fury 32
Edmonton Black Raiders 33
Medicine Hat Hawks 0
Grande Paririe Broncos 33
Fort McMurray Ravens 7
Calgary Hilltoppers 10
Raymond Jr. Comets 0
Edmonton Chargers 20
Calgary Stampeders 14
Calgary Colts 37
St. Paul Bengals 14
Grande Prairie Raiders 37
Medicine Hat Colts 30 
Calgary Mavericks 28
Sherwood Park Rams 7
Calgary Colts 13
Lindsay Thurber Raiders 0
Cochrane Lions 14
Bonnyville Bandits 10
Grande Prairie Broncos 34
Parkside Pythons 28 (4OT) 
Calgary Cowboys (Grey) 28
Cardston Cougars 0
Calgary Cowboys (Navy) 28
Stony Plain Blue Bombers 7
Calgary Wildcats 25
Bonnyville Bandits 6
Grande Prairie Broncos 40
Medicine Hat Hawks 15
Calgary Cowboys (Grey) 25
Sherwood Park Rams 16
Calgary Bulldogs 37
Lacombe Raiders 7
Calgary Colts 65
Millwoods Grizzlies 0
Lethbridge Jr. Bulldogs 53
Grande PRairie Broncos 13 
Sherwood Park Wolverines 41
Brooks Roadrunners 7
Calgary Cowboys (Grey) 26
Lacombe Raiders 7
Cold Lake Royals 20
Lethbridge Jr. Rams 0
Tier IV Provincials Discontinued
Edmonton Chargers 47
Calgary Cowboys (Grey) 40
Calgary Hilltoppers 18
Calgary Mavericks 15
Bonnyville Bandits 75
Cardston Jr. Cougars 35
Sherwood Park Rams 36
Calgary Hilltoppers 22
Calgary Bulldogs 14
Edmonton Mustangs 7
Lloydminster 18
Lethbridge Jr. Coyotes 0
Sherwood Park Rams 15
Raymond Comets 0
Red Deer Notre Dame Cougars 20
Parksidd Pythons 12
St. Paul Bengals 27
Lacombe Raiders 9
Calgary Stampeders 66 
Leduc Ti-Cats 0
Medicine Hat Hawks 29
Edmonton Mustangs 6
Grande Prairie Broncos 61
Lacombe Raiders 0
Spruce Grove Cougars 39 
Sherwood Park Rams 14
Lloydminster Red Dogs 30
Stettler Cougars 21
Edmonton Chargers 7
Airdrie Raiders 4
Magrath Wolverines 50
Red Deer Notre Dame Jr. Cougars

Pee-Wee Provincial Championship Record

Tier I

Tier II

Tier III

 Year Final Final Final  
Edmonton Seahawks 26
Cochrane Lions 16
Calgary Cowboys 30
Sherwood Park Colts 17
Sherwood Park Colts 34
Cochrane Lions 16
Calgary Cowboys 28
Edmonton Chargers 0
Edmonton Chargers 12
Calgary Wildcats 2
Edmonton Chargers 34
Calgary Wildcats 21
Calgary Wildcats 22
West Edmonton Raiders 6
West Edmonton Raiders 9
Calgary Hilltoppers 8 (OT)
Calgary Cowboys 38
Millwoods Grizzlies 14
Edmonton Chargers 40
Calgary Mavericks 2
Sherwood Park Bulldogs 16
Calgary Wildcats 8
Edmonton Chargers 28
Foothills Eagles 26
St. Albert Riders 11
Calgary Bulldogs 6
Foothills Eagles 63
Millwoods Maulers 26
Airdrie Storm 20
Sherwood Park Cougars 0
Calgary Bulldogs 49
Sherwood Park Bulldogs 14
West Edmonton Black Raiders 36
Calgary Colts 8
Calgary Falcons 28
Leduc Bobcats 0
Calgary Cowboys 28
Edmonton Chargers 7
West Edmonton Black Raiders 6
Calgary Falcons 1
Stettler Panthers 46
Calgary Hilltoppers 24
Edmonton Chargers 57
Calgary Mavericks 40
Calgary Falcons 22
Millwoods Maulers 0
Red Deer Steelers 12
Calgary Bulldogs 8
Calgary Cowboys 44
Edmonton Chargers 6
Calgary Bulldogs 34
Calgary Mavericks 12
Red Deer Steelers 28
Sherwood Park Sabrecats 10
Calgary Cowboys 78
Sherwood Park Sabrecats 60
Foothills Eagles 64
Edmonton Chargers 0
Innisfail Cyclones 12
Calgary Colts 0
Sherwood Park Bulldogs 33
Calgary Cowboys (Navy) 0
Calgary Cowboys (Grey) 36
Edmonton Mustangs 7
Lacombe Explosion 30
Parkland Predators 22
Edmonton Chargers 56
Calgary Cowboys (Navy) 14
West Edmonton Raiders 55
Foothills Eagles 26
Lacombe Explosion 35
Cochrane Lions 7
Millwoods Grizzlies 34
Calgary Mavericks 30
Okotoks Eagles 20
St. Albert Riders 6
Sylvan Lake Bears 64
Bonnyville Renegades 0
Calgary Cowboys (Navy) 30
Edmonton Chargers 14
St. Albert Riders 42
Calgary Colts 12
Bonnyville Renegades 40
Red Deer Steelers 30
Leduc Wildcats 54
Calgary Stampeders 16
Airdrie Storm 54
Edmonton Chargers 22
Bonnyville Renegades 72
Strathmore Badgers 8
Spruce Grove Cougars 20
Calgary Cowboys 14
Calgary Mavericks 56
Millwoods Grizzlies 6
Lloydminster Colts 42
Stettler Panthers 0
Calgary Wildcats 26
St. Albert Riders 16
Calgary Bulldogs 42
Edmonton Seahawks 6
Lloydminster Colts 24
Lacombe Explosion 8
Calgary Wildcats 46 
Spruce Grove Cougars 0
Foothills Eagles 40 
Sherwood Park Rams 0
Lloydminster Colts 46 
Red Deer Hornets 12

Tier IV


Year Final Final    
St. Albert Redskins 28
Edmonton Chargers 0
Sherwood Park Warriors 6
Edmonton Chargers 0
Leduc Bobcats 39
Stony Plain Blue Bombers 6
West Edmonton Raiders 28
Edmonton Seahawks 0
Edmonton Chargers 32
Sherwood Park Eskimos 0
West Edmonton Raiders 14
Edmonton Seahawks 8
Millwoods Grizzlies 6
West Edmonton Raiders 0 (OT)
Sherwood Park Broncos 40
Leduc Bobcats 0
Sherwood Park Eskimos 6
Sherwood Park Warriors 0
West Edmonton Black Raiders 6
Sherwood Park Warriors 0
West Edmonton Black Raiders 6
Sherwood Park Broncos 0 (OT)
Edmonton Chargers 27
Millwoods Maulers 12
Millwoods Maulers 33
Red Deer Steelers 14
Edmonton Chargers 24
West Edmonton Black Raiders 0
Camrose Buffalos 34
Innisfail Cyclones 12
Edmonton Mustangs 28
Sherwood Park Eskimos 0
Spruce Grove Cougars 50
Strathmore Spartans 0
Sherwood Park Warriors 30
Edmonton Chargers 12
Lacombe Explosion 38
Spruce Grove Cougars 0
Edmonton Chargers 20
Leduc Bobcats 8
Stettler Panthers 55
St. Albert Colts 22
Millwoods Grizzlies 33
Sherwood Park Eskimos 19
Lloydminster Steelers 46
Red Deer Hornets 6
West Edmonton Raiders 14
Sherwood Park Eskimos 6
Tier IV Provincials Discontinued
Atom Provincials Discontinued


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