ALBERTA RE-OPENING STAGE 2 (as of August 5th, 2020):


Full details, alongside different examples, previous updates, and the PDF can be found on our Return to Play Guidelines Page


Stage 2 teams may register and commence regular activities with the following restrictions: 

  • They must have no more than 50 people involved in team activities. This group of people will be known as the “team/cohort” and include all possible members of the team such as players, coaches, trainers, equipment managers, general managers, etc. Larger organizations that may have registration numbers and coaching/support staff exceeding 50 people must divide into two (or more) groups during this stage. 
  • No competitions or other interactions with other cohorts will be permitted during this Stage. This does not include groups choosing to cohort in mini-groups of 15 or 25. 
  • No member of your team/cohort may be a part of any other sport cohort during this stage. This includes summer sports camps who do not adhere to the 6’ Social Distancing Rules. Should teams/cohorts wish to have their players involved in such camps, they will have to wait until the conclusion of those camps/cohorts plus 14 days. 
  • If an individual wishes to change cohorts, they should not participate in a new sports or recreation cohort activity for 14 days 
  • Players can choose to participate in a Skill Development Camp that is not cohorting and following the 6’ social distancing rule. 
  • Teams looking for competition at this Stage may enter into mini cohorts that will allow competition. 
  • Tackle teams may issue equipment to the players in this Stage (see below for details). 
  • The ASAA Board of Directors has cancelled the Season of Play for the remainder of June 2020. High School football’s may proceed under the Football Alberta Rules and Guidelines of this Stage within this document but they must receive approval from their Superintendents and Principals to do so as well as follow the ASAA Policies on Seasons of Play which will not open until August 16, 2020 at the earliest. (see Appendix “E”). 





Jun. 15, 2020

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