Alberta Sport Connection Funding Programs

  • The Donation Funding Program (Charitable corporate/individual donations for tax receipts)
    Has been establised to enlist donors to support amateur sport & recreation development in Alberta. The Foundation administers the Donation Fund Program as a Crown Corporation, which can provide tax-deductible receipts for unconditional contributions to amateur sport in Alberta. Donations are only eligible for tax receipts if the donor or related party does not directly or indirectly benefit from the fonation in any way other than the tax benefit.
  • Checks must be made payable to: Alberta Sport Connection
  • Must be accompanied by the correct donation fund letter

See Alberta Sport Connection website donation page for more information. Here is the DFP Package Final 2017, including the latest information and a sample donation letter.

Funding is available from the Alberta Sport Connection through a variety of other funding programs. The Development Initiatives Program (The Foundation has suspended this program for 2013/14 budget year dute to cutbacks) provides support for project and program related endeavors to Albertans working in the areas of sport, recreation, parks and wildlife. A team project must fit within an area of the ASRPWF’s mandate:

  • Equipment
  • Transportation and Travel Cost Projects
  • Individuals
  • Coaches/Instructors/Leaders
  • Conferences

The Sport Participation Initiative Program provides support for the development and operation of programs designed to increase or enhance participation in sport for under-represented groups, or to provide opportunities for these groups in coaching, officiating, or volunteer leadership.