2018 Alberta Summer Games

Alberta Summer Games Roster Announcements

Football is one of 13 sports participating in the 2018 Alberta Summer Games July 19-22 in Grande Prairie.  Football will feature 8 Zone Teams from around the province and games will be played at the CKC Field in Grande Prairie and in the Town of Wembley.

2018 Alberta Summer Games – Final Results

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2018 Alberta Summer Games Football Schedule
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Alberta Summer Games Zones by Community

Following the Selection of the Zone Teams there is a Team Registration Fee of between $200 and $300 depending what Zone you are from.  Each team will have up to 30 hours of practice before the Alberta Summer Games on weekends or weeknights in June & July.  The travel day and the Opening Ceremonies are on July 19th with one Game per zone on July 20, 21 & 22.

Please note: The 40 players selected to our U16 Team Alberta on April 22nd can try out for and participate in the 2018 Alberta Summer Games.  The Football Canada U16 Western Challenge is from July 1st to 7th with the team playing tournament games on July 4th & 7th.  The schedule allows players to play both however players are also free to only choose one or other if they or their family have concerns about the amount of football between May and July and the costs of both programs.

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Alberta Summer Games Football Competition Information

ASG Policy and Procedures – Updated May 22, 2018

AGE GROUPS: Bantam: Athletes eligible to participate will be graduating in June from Grade 9 or lower Grades and will not turn 17 during the calendar year of 2018.

ZONE TEAM COMPOSITION:  Note: The maximum team size shall be 35 competitors per Zone with 7 Adults (coaches/staff) associated with the team.


Athletes: Athletes eligible to participate will be graduating in June from Grade 9 or lower Grades and will not turn 17 during the calendar year of competition.  Anyone, regardless of gender or previous playing experience, fitting the age category may try out for their Zone team.

Coaches: A minimum of one (1) member of the coaching staff for each Zone must be fully certified (theory, technical, and practical) under the National Coaches Certification Program to at least Competition Introduction Position Coach.

Fees: $85 per individual will be charged to tryout for the Zone Team.  The fees go to Football Alberta covers the cost of the team jersey, officials fees, athletic therapy coverage, and ASG Individual Registration Fee.  Once the teams are selected the Participant fee is $200 for Zones 3, 5 & 6 with centralized teams and $300 for Zones 1, 2, 4, 7, & 8 with spread out teams to assist with accommodation,travel and meals for Training Camps.


  • Eight (8) team tournament
  • Open to tryout for males and females on an equal basis

Tournament governed by the Canadian Amateur Tackle Rule Book.


1) Timing rule (Rule 1, Section 5) which will be circumvented during the Preliminary Games.


A three (3) person jury will be appointed by Football Alberta.  The only protest-able items will be player eligibility and violation of the timelines for training camps .  A complainant must have clear evidence the violation and submit a $200 protest bond.  The complete protest procedure is outlined in the Alberta Summer Games Policy and Procedure Manual.


Zone teams will be created by holding tryout camps in each zone.  These camps must run for a minimum of 4 practices over one weekend to a maximum of 8 practices over two weekends (or the equivalent stretched over one weekend to the next weekend).  The tryouts must take place from May 1 though May 31 of the competition year (unless specially requested otherwise).  Payment of the $85.00 fee to Football Alberta must be received prior to the first tryout practice.

Final rosters are due along with the fee charged to the players making each zone team to the Football Alberta office by June 15th of the competition year or earlier if designated by the ASRPWF.

Zone teams will be allowed 30 hours of their choosing in which to operate their Training Camps to prepare for the ASG with a maximum of no more than two on-field practices per day.  The selected hours and days must be approved by the Provincial Sport Advisor.


Zone Teams may not scrimmage against outside competition at any time throughout the selection process or training camp.  That is the rational for the 35 person roster.

Provincial Sport Representative:
Taylor Stiles, Football Alberta