Football Alberta Membership Info

2020 Membership Fees

For the 2020 Season we will again be invoicing teams based on a pre-determined number of players and personnel. Once the final number of participants is submitted, teams will be charged additional fees or will receive a refund.

All teams must pay their fees before any on-field team activities can begin. Minor and High Team fees are due September 15.  Leagues that start later than Provincial Criteria dates may apply for a different deadline.  A late fee of $125.00 will be charged if you play a game without proper approval from the Football Alberta office.

Membership Fees 2020

  • All teams will be charged a deposit which will be a flat rate based on pre-determined numbers of players and staff.  These numbers can be updated once final numbers are in and teams can get a refund or additional invoice if there numbers are high.
  • Complete participate lists and final numbers must be entered online through our registration database by September 30th.  Refunds or invoices will be sent to the Teams in October.


We trust we are earning your support and serving the needs of the football community of Alberta. The Mission of Football Alberta is to develop, promote, coordinate, regulate and foster the growth of all aspects of amateur football in Alberta. In 2018 alone your membership dollars supported many initiatives including: scholarships for 8 outstanding graduating high school students, athlete representation at provincial & national competitions, coaching development programs and much more.

All teams that join as paid members will access all of our programs and at a lower cost including: Football Alberta Coaches Clinics, NCCP (Coaches Certification) program, Insurance, Officials Training, Manuals, Rule Books, Charitable Tax Receipts, Newsletters/Directory, Senior Bowl, AB Summer Games, U18 Team Alberta National Championships (Football Canada Cup), Funding, Equipment Inspections, Scholarships, Bantam Bowl, etc. Your support helps the amateur football programs that you will eventually access.

Football Alberta Membership Value Statement

Football Alberta Membership consists of 2 plans: Plan #1 provides annual team membership and insurance for all players and team personnel. Plan #2 is available for teams that do not require insurance. Please note that all minor teams; bantam, peewee and atom are required to obtain Football Alberta insurance to be eligible for Minor Provincials.

Membership Value Statement

League Coordinators & Team Managers

Membership and insurance runs on the calendar year (January 1 to December 31). It is easiest for league/team administrators to register players at the start of the year for gym nights in January & February and then continue to register players as they join the team thru spring camp and summer and fall. It is extremely important for the welfare of players and team personnel that insurance is valid (and thus paid for) as soon as you start registration. Please note that the insurance policy provides both accident and liability coverage and is valid regardless of how long players are with your team (one day, one week or all season).

On-Line Login

Each league or team administrator was given a username & password to enter the system to register players and team personnel. You may delete players who are not returning and add players/personnel joining the team. If you’ve misplaced your login information, or to change your league administrator, please contact Sally at our office.

Login and renew your membership and/or insurance here.


Insurance Rates (Effective for January 1 – December 31, 2020) will be as follows:


Includes $5 Million Liability & Accident Insurance for the following rates:
(Team Fee + Mandatory Insurance for all Minor teams)

These fees are in effect when payment is made on time.

  • After the fee deadline, Late Fees will apply.
  • Minor Late Fees: After Sept. 30th, add $125 (12-man, 10-man) and $65 (6-man)
  • High School/Other Late Fees: After Oct. 7th, Add $125 (12-man & 9-man) and $65 (6-man)
Atom, PeeWee, and Spring Team fee of $157.50 + $38.00 per person$125.00 per team
BantamTeam fee of $236.25 + $38.00 per person$125.00 per team
Minor: (6-man tackle) Team fee of $ 78.75 + $38.00 per person $65.00 per team
High School: 9 & 12-man Team fee of $262.50 + $38.00 per person $125.00 per team
High School: 6-man Team fee of $78.75 + $38.00 per person $ 65.00 per team
Junior/UniversityTeam fee of $262.50 + $38.00 per person $125.00 per team
Senior Men/Female $38.00 per person $65.00 per team
Flag/Touch$15.00 per person


  • LOWER RATES on all Football Alberta services and includes GST.
  • Full newsletter “WIDESIDE” and “DIRECTORY” and “EMAIL MEMO” service.
    *See Policy Insurance Information Summary that is enclosed for details.
  • Additional names can be added as they join as per above fees.


(Team Fee + Optional Insurance if required)

High School, Six Man High School, Junior, University

 FEES (Includes GST) LATE FEES: After Oct. 7
High School: 9 & 12-manTeam fee of $262.50 $125.00
High School: 6-manTeam fee of $78.75$65.00
Junior/UniversityTeam fee of $262.50 $125.00


  • This plan is for those teams that have adequate insurance (make sure every player, coach and volunteer on the team has the appropriate insurance through the school).
  • Plan #2 keeps teams in Good Standing as Members of Football Alberta and includes all of the benefits in Plan #1, except insurance.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP (Not part of the above teams)

$25 per person

This plan is for individuals who are not directly associated with any team or officials association in the province (Ex. fans, former coaches and officials, out of province coaches, etc.) but wish to become Members in Good Standing of Football Alberta. Includes “WIDESIDE” and “DIRECTORY” service.


Please note that membership in Plan #1, which includes insurance, has a January 1st start and should be taken out prior to the first day of any on field activity and any extra players that arrive throughout the season can be added prior to their participation for $28.00 each. Also note that any out of season practice or mini-camp situations (Ex. those not approved in your leagues by-laws) must have Football AB’s sanction otherwise insurance may be void. Make sure everyone in spring camp is covered under Plan #1. Players will be covered until the end of the year. Any players names that have not been sent into our office are not covered for insurance.


For teams that acquire the Plan #1 membership with insurance can access, in addition, the Out of Country insurance.
Rates: $5 per person per travelling day
Includes $2 Million extra coverage in the U.S. in case of injury.


Based on age in the calendar year. Open weight for Provincials, though each league may have their own weight limits for league play.


Age CategoryEligible Years
Atom - Under 11Born in 2011, 2012 or 2013
Pee-Wee - Under 13 Born in 2009 or 2010
Bantam - Under 16Born in 2006, 2007 or 2008, No Grade 10's

Note: All Minor Teams must have Football AB Membership and Insurance to be eligible for provincials.
Thank you in advance for your support and best of luck in your upcoming season!

Football AB Membership – 2019


  • Limit of insurance is $5 MILLION per Occurrence
  • $2 Million Directors & Officers (Wrongful Acts/Error & Omissions)
  • Includes Provincial/Club/District Directors
  • Covers all team events and team related activities sanctioned by Football Alberta,
  • Additional Insureds – Officers, Directors, Coaches, Managers, Officials, Volunteers
  • Participant coverage is included in addition to 3rd party exposure (including spectators)
  • All riders included such as Cross Liability, Non-Owned Automobile, Tenants Legal, etc.
  • Canada-Wide Coverage (Out of Country Insurance is advisable. Call office for quote)
  • Incidental Medical Malpractice
  • Advertisers and Employers Liability
  • Liquor Law Liability where requested by the club or team

– All Sport Insurance

A) Loss of Life, Dismemberment or Loss of Sight Up to $25,000.00
B) Permanent Loss/Dismemberment $10,000.00
C) Blanket Accident Reimbursement Limit

ex: costs not insured by Provincials Medical Plans (Medical Braces for rehab., Emergency Ambulance, Prescription Drugs for injury, *Excess Physiotherapy
D) Rehabilitation $3,000.00
E) Tuition $2,000.00
F) Special Treatment Travel $1,000.00
G) Blanket Dental $5,000.00
H) Fractures Up to $500.00
Aggregate Limit Payable for any one Accident $2,000,000.00

Treatment under (C) & (G) must be completed within 52 weeks from date of accident.

  • Note: There is no Coverage for Loss of Wages
  • Physiotherapy treatment is $500 per year; no limit/visit. Physician referral/prescription is required.
  • If you incur medical or dental expenses as the result of a sports injury, you are required to submit those expenses to Alberta Health Care, Blue Cross or Employer plan, firstly. This is secondary coverage to any other insurance in force (work plan, etc.)


All insurance claims must follow this sequence:

  1. Alberta Health Care (first to phone and claim) – If Alberta Health Care does not cover then call;
  2. Blue Cross (second to phone and claim if you have this plan) – If Blue Cross does not cover everything then call;
  3. Parents Employer health Plan (third to phone and claim) – If parents employer health plan does not cover or covers only a portion then call;
  4. Football Alberta (our plan will cover the approved claim or balance owing from another plan)
  5. Football AB Accident Claim Form may be downloaded from our website. Call our office for the policy number.
    • Notify Football Alberta of any claims (name & injury of player) being submitted as well as following the instructions sheet and athletic accident claim form.
    • All information must be filled out and sent to the address on the claim form as well as a copy to Football Alberta. You must ask Football Alberta for the Group Policy Number in order to file.
    • AMBULANCE: If one of your players requires an ambulance, make sure you get that player the claim form with instructions in case the parents do not have proper coverage.
    • Insurance is not valid unless player, coach, other personel’s name is listed on team registration form on file in our office.

Any further information please contact Football Alberta.
Download a Claim Form.

Capital District Minor Football Association Registration Details ONLY (see below)

NEW: In order to simplify the amount of forms and duplication, Registration and Payment procedure will be as follows for all CDMFA Atom, PeeWee, Bantam and Spring Community Football CDMFA teams:

  • We all recognize that our goal is to gain an accurate team roster count and list while minimizing manual data entry with multiple data sources.
  • Clubs (or associations that may include Atom/PeeWee/Bantam or SAMFA, etc.) are now required to submit to us an electronic list of your team(s) that includes players, coaches, executive/board, other team personal. This list can be exported from your own databases or input into excel and sent to us via email.
  • Use the same Excel format file that you use for CDMFA registration.
  • Team Excel Lists MUST be sent into our office at the end of each month as per…May 31, June 30, Aug 31 and September 30. We will have access to CDMFA registration lists for fall final rosters for Provincials.
  • If any name is not on the list you send in to us then they are not insured or registered as a member. You don’t want to be in a situation where a player gets hurt in spring, files a claim in the fall and you have not included this player on your list…the player would not have insurance and a liability issue could result towards your team (considering the player thought they were covered by insurance).
  • No players can be removed from the list, only added. We require final counts from each team for insurance and membership number purposes.
  • Football Alberta uses the contact information in the database to email coaches/team personal about coaching clinics, player development camps, football related info only, etc. Please ensure that coaches/personal email addresses are accurate if they would like to receive this information.
  • SPRING LEAGUE – All teams will be invoiced for final payment in the spring before end of season.