Team Alberta Pacific Challenge

U17 Team Alberta Pacific Challenge
August TBA, 2018

The U17 Team Alberta Pacific Challenge is a week long development camp and exhibition game in Maui, Hawaii.  The team will be selected through the U18-U17 selection process and will be named the week in April 2018.

The concept of Team Alberta Hawaii started in 2006 when a former Alberta high school football coach retired and moved to Hawaii. Once there, he took over a high school football team and put out the invitation to Alberta high school football teams to come to paradise for an exhibition game. Unfortunately, the only space he had in his schedule for a game was in the middle of August (they have year-round schooling in Hawaii) and no Alberta team could make it that early in the year. But a summer camp could…

What has developed since that time is a summer high school football camp that is dedicated to improving you as a football player as well as giving you a once in a lifetime travel experience.  Make no mistake this is more than just palm trees, beaches and sightseeing. We have brought together a very experienced and talented coaching staff made up of current or former Team Alberta or Senior Bowl coaches, whose main focus is to make you a better football player. Each day they will work you through the latest in skills and drills and also prepare you for the end of the week scrimmage against one of Hawaii’s top high school football teams.



There will be several seminars presented to the camp from experts in nutrition, doping and drug education, post secondary football planning, and many other issues related to your improvement on-field.

As well the camp will feature a joint practice with our Hawaiian host school, and several other activities such as a luau, jungle hike and snorkel cruise.

Team Hawaii  Team Hawaii

Team Alberta Hawaii