PERL 105 (BP01) :

Football Alberta is assisting MacEwan University in Edmonton with the instruction of PERL 105, Adminstration of Sport. The following links are for the students currently enrolled in the class.

2017 Syllabus

“Bad News Bears” (1976)
“Lincoln” (2012)
“We Are Marshall” (2006)
“Apollo 13” (1995)
These links are one way to purchase the movies however students are free to get these movies any way they can.


2017 Planning

LTAD Lecture Notes

2017 Canadian Sport System

2017 Alberta Sport System

2017 Public-Private-Non-Profit

2017 Volunteer Boards

2017 Roberts Rules of Order

2017 Event Management Model Lecture

Risk Management Lecture Notes

Sport Concussion Management

2017 Policy and Procedure Lecture

2017 Sponsorship

Fundraising Lecture Notes

2017 Organizing

Dealing with the Media Notes

2017 Sport Tourism

2017 Networking