High School Football Schedule

2016 (Subject to Change)

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League Legend
BRK Big Rock Football Conference FTM Fort McMurray
CA1 Calgary Division 1 Conference IND Independent
CA2 Calgary Division 2 Conference MPE Mighty Peace League
CA3 Calgary Divisions 3 Conference RAN Rangeland League
CEN Central Alberta League RKV Rocky View League
EDM1 Edmonton Metro, Carr Division SOU Southern Alberta League
EDM2 Edmonton Metro, Miles Division WHE Wheatland League
EDM3 Edmonton Metro, Gilfillan Division 6-Man Western AB 6 Man League


26-Aug-16 ED1(EX) Mt. Boucherie (BC) Bellerose
26-Aug-16 FTM(EX) Holy Trinity (FTM) Athabasca
26-Aug-16 RAN(EX) Crescent Hgts. (MH) George McDougall
26-Aug-16 RAN(EX) McCoy Pincher Creek
26-Aug-16 SOU(EX) L.C.I. Harry Ainlay
26-Aug-16 SOU(EX) Raymond Bev Facey
27-Aug-16 CEN(EX) Lacombe Medicine Hat
27-Aug-16 MPE(EX) St. Joseph’s Holy Rosary
27-Aug-16 RKV(EX) Cochrane Paul Kane
27-Aug-16 SOU(EX) Cardston Austin O’Brien
27-Aug-16 WHE(EX) Vegreville Drumheller
1-Sep-16 BRK(EX) Holy Trinity (OKO) Catholic Central
1-Sep-16 RAN Brooks Medicine Hat
1-Sep-16 RAN McCoy Crescent Hgts. (MH)
2-Sep-16 BRK(EX) Foothills L.C.I.
2-Sep-16 CEN Lindsay Thurber Notre Dame (RD)
2-Sep-16 CEN Lacombe Hunting Hills
2-Sep-16 CEN(EX) Stettler St. Albert
2-Sep-16 ED1 Paul Kane Jasper Place
2-Sep-16 ED1 Spruce Grove Harry Ainlay
2-Sep-16 ED1 Austin O’Brien Salisbury
2-Sep-16 ED1 Bev Facey Bellerose
2-Sep-16 ED1(EX) Ross Sheppard Strathcona
2-Sep-16 ED2(EX) Leduc Wetaskiwin
2-Sep-16 ED3 Holy Trinity (EDM) W.P. Wagner
2-Sep-16 ED3 Queen Elizabeth M.E. LaZerte
2-Sep-16 ED3 J. Percy Page Archbishop Jordan
2-Sep-16 ED3 Beaumont Eastglen
2-Sep-16 IND Drumheller W.R. Myers
2-Sep-16 MPE St. Joseph’s Charles Spencer
2-Sep-16 MPE Grande Prairie Valleyview
2-Sep-16 MPE Whitecourt Peace Wapiti
2-Sep-16 MPE Peace River Sexsmith
2-Sep-16 SOU Willow Creek Winston Churchill
2-Sep-16 WHE Holy Rosary Cold Lake
2-Sep-16 WHE Westlock Vegreville
2-Sep-16 WHE Wainwright Lloydminster
2-Sep-16 WHE St. Paul Athabasca
2-Sep-16 WHE Vermilion Bonnyville
3-Sep-16 SOU(EX) Pincher Creek Highwood


7-Sep-16 6-Man Holy Cross Caroline
8-Sep-16 ED1 Paul Kane Spruce Grove
8-Sep-16 ED1 Bev Facey Ross Sheppard
8-Sep-16 ED1 Bellerose Salisbury
8-Sep-16 ED2 Archbishop O’Leary Ardrossan
8-Sep-16 ED2 McNally St. Albert
8-Sep-16 ED3 Holy Trinity (EDM) J. Percy Page
8-Sep-16 ED3 W.P. Wagner Eastglen
8-Sep-16 ED3 Fort Saskatchewan M.E. LaZerte
8-Sep-16 ED3 Queen Elizabeth Beaumont
8-Sep-16 MPE Sexsmith Peace Wapiti
8-Sep-16 MPE Valleyview Peace River
8-Sep-16 RKV Springbank W.H. Croxford
9-Sep-16 6-Man Harry Collinge Ecole Desrochers
9-Sep-16 6-Man Sedgewick Provost
9-Sep-16 6-Man Assumption Holy Redeemer
9-Sep-16 6-Man O.L.M.P. St. Joseph’s (Brooks)
9-Sep-16 6-Man Redwater Breton
9-Sep-16 6-Man Oscar Romero Buck Mountain
9-Sep-16 6-Man Heritage Christian Rimbey
9-Sep-16 CEN Lacombe Lindsay Thurber
9-Sep-16 CEN Hunting Hills Notre Dame (RD)
9-Sep-16 CEN Rocky Mtn. House Ponoka
9-Sep-16 CEN Stettler Drayton Valley
9-Sep-16 CEN Wetaskiwin Sylvan Lake
9-Sep-16 ED1 Jasper Place Harry Ainlay
9-Sep-16 ED2 St. Francis Xavier Leduc
9-Sep-16 FTM Fort McMurray Father Mercredi
9-Sep-16 FTM Holy Trinity (FTM) Westwood
9-Sep-16 MPE St. Joseph’s Whitecourt
9-Sep-16 MPE Charles Spencer High Prairie
9-Sep-16 RAN Brooks Crescent Hgts. (MH)
9-Sep-16 RAN(EX) Medicine Hat Holy Trinity (OKO)
9-Sep-16 RAN(EX) Strathmore Highwood
9-Sep-16 RAN(EX) McCoy Chinook
9-Sep-16 RKV Bow Valley Bert Church
9-Sep-16 RKV Chestermere George McDougall
9-Sep-16 SOU Catholic Central Willow Creek
9-Sep-16 SOU Winston Churchill W.R. Myers
9-Sep-16 WHE Vegreville St. Paul
9-Sep-16 WHE Cold Lake Vermilion
9-Sep-16 WHE Bonnyville Westlock
9-Sep-16 WHE Wainwright Athabasca
9-Sep-16 WHE Holy Rosary Lloydminster
9-Sep-16 WHE(EX) Holy Rosary Cardston
10-Sep-16 IND Canmore Pincher Creek
10-Sep-16 IND Drumheller Camrose
10-Sep-16 RKV(EX) Cochrane Foothills
10-Sep-16 SOU(EX) L.C.I. St. Francis


13-Sep-16 CA1/2 Centennial Henry Wise Wood
13-Sep-16 RKV Chestermere W.H. Croxford
14-Sep-16 6-Man Breton Harry Collinge
14-Sep-16 MPE Sexsmith Charles Spencer
14-Sep-16 MPE High Prairie St. Joseph’s
14-Sep-16 MPE Valleyview Peace Wapiti
14-Sep-16 MPE Grande Prairie Whitecourt
15-Sep-16 6-Man Rimbey Provost
15-Sep-16 6-Man Caroline St. Joseph’s (Brooks)
15-Sep-16 CA1/2 St. Mary’s Robert Thirsk
15-Sep-16 CA1/2 Bishop O’Byrne MCLA
15-Sep-16 CA1/2 Crescent Hgts. (CAL) William Aberhart
15-Sep-16 CA1/2 Bishop Grandin Bishop Carroll
15-Sep-16 CEN Stettler Ponoka
15-Sep-16 ED3 Eastglen Fort Saskatchewan
15-Sep-16 ED3 Archbishop Jordan M.E. LaZerte
15-Sep-16 ED3 Holy Trinity (EDM) Queen Elizabeth
15-Sep-16 ED3 J. Percy Page W.P. Wagner
16-Sep-16 6-Man Ecole Desrochers Holy Redeemer
16-Sep-16 6-Man Assumption Buck Mountain
16-Sep-16 6-Man Sedgewick J.C. Charyk
16-Sep-16 6-Man Millwoods Christian Redwater
16-Sep-16 6-Man Holy Cross Heritage Christian
16-Sep-16 BRK Highwood Rundle College
16-Sep-16 BRK(EX) Foothills Hunting Hills
16-Sep-16 CA1/2 St. Francis Ernest Manning
16-Sep-16 CA3 Lester B. Pearson Western Canada
16-Sep-16 CA3 Forest Lawn Lord Beaverbrook
16-Sep-16 CA3 Scarlett/Central John G. Diefenbaker
16-Sep-16 CEN Camrose Sylvan Lake
16-Sep-16 CEN Wetaskiwin Rocky Mtn. House
16-Sep-16 ED1 Jasper Place Austin O’Brien
16-Sep-16 ED1 Salisbury Spruce Grove
16-Sep-16 ED1 Ross Sheppard Paul Kane
16-Sep-16 ED1 Harry Ainlay Bellerose
16-Sep-16 ED2 St. Albert Ardrossan
16-Sep-16 ED2 Leduc McNally
16-Sep-16 ED2 Strathcona Archbishop O’Leary
16-Sep-16 FTM Westwood Father Mercredi
16-Sep-16 FTM Holy Trinity (FTM) Fort McMurray
16-Sep-16 IND Drumheller Brooks
16-Sep-16 RAN Medicine Hat Strathmore
16-Sep-16 RAN(EX) McCoy Catholic Central
16-Sep-16 RKV Bert Church Springbank
16-Sep-16 RKV(EX) Bow Valley Highwood
16-Sep-16 RKV(EX) Castlemont (CA) Cochrane
16-Sep-16 SOU Pincher Creek Willow Creek
16-Sep-16 SOU Winston Churchill Chinook
16-Sep-16 SOU(EX) Cardston Crescent Hgts. (MH)
16-Sep-16 SOU(EX) Raymond Notre Dame (CAL)
16-Sep-16 SOU(EX) Cardston Crescent Hgts. (MH)
16-Sep-16 SOU(EX) Timberlake (ID) L.C.I.
16-Sep-16 WHE Bonnyville Holy Rosary
16-Sep-16 WHE Vermilion Westlock
16-Sep-16 WHE Vegreville Wainwright
16-Sep-16 WHE Athabasca Lloydminster
17-Sep-16 IND Canmore W.R. Myers
17-Sep-16 WHE Cold Lake St. Paul


19-Sep-16 BRK(EX) Rundle College Bishop Grandin
19-Sep-16 MPE Whitecourt Sexsmith
19-Sep-16 MPE Grande Prairie St. Joseph’s
19-Sep-16 MPE High Prairie Valleyview
19-Sep-16 MPE Charles Spencer Peace River
21-Sep-16 6-Man St. Joseph’s (Brooks) Rimbey
22-Sep-16 6-Man Buck Mountain Ecole Desrochers
22-Sep-16 6-Man Breton Assumption
22-Sep-16 6-Man Caroline Sedgewick
22-Sep-16 6-Man Redwater Ocsar Romero
22-Sep-16 CA1/2 Henry Wise Wood Robert Thirsk
22-Sep-16 CA3 James Fowler Scarlett/Central
22-Sep-16 CA3 Forest Lawn Western Canada
22-Sep-16 CA3 Lester B. Pearson John G. Diefenbaker
22-Sep-16 ED3 Queen Elizabeth Archbishop Jordan
22-Sep-16 ED3 W.P. Wagner Fort Saskatchewan
22-Sep-16 ED3 Holy Trinity (EDM) Eastglen
22-Sep-16 ED3 Beaumont J. Percy Page
22-Sep-16 RKV W.H. Croxford Bert Church
22-Sep-16 SOU Raymond Winston Churchill
23-Sep-16 6-Man Provost O.L.M.P.
23-Sep-16 6-Man Harry Collinge Millwoods Christian
23-Sep-16 6-Man J.C. Charyk Holy Cross
23-Sep-16 BRK Holy Trinity (OKO) Highwood
23-Sep-16 BRK Rundle College Sylvan Lake
23-Sep-16 CA1/2 Notre Dame (CAL) Ernest Manning
23-Sep-16 CA1/2 St. Mary’s Churchill/Bowness
23-Sep-16 CA1/2 Crescent Hgts. (CAL) Bishop Grandin
23-Sep-16 CA1/2 Centennial Bishop O’Byrne
23-Sep-16 CA1/2 St. Francis William Aberhart
23-Sep-16 CA3(EX) Lord Beaverbrook Bishop Carroll
23-Sep-16 CEN Hunting Hills Lindsay Thurber
23-Sep-16 CEN Notre Dame (RD) Lacombe
23-Sep-16 CEN Rocky Mtn. House Camrose
23-Sep-16 CEN Drayton Valley Ponoka
23-Sep-16 CEN Wetaskiwin Stettler
23-Sep-16 ED1 Harry Ainlay Salisbury
23-Sep-16 ED1 Ross Sheppard Spruce Grove
23-Sep-16 ED1 Bellerose Austin O’Brien
23-Sep-16 ED1 Bev Facey Jasper Place
23-Sep-16 ED2 Ardrossan St. Francis Xavier
23-Sep-16 ED2 St. Albert Leduc
23-Sep-16 ED2 McNally Strathcona
23-Sep-16 FTM Holy Trinity (FTM) Father Mercredi
23-Sep-16 FTM Westwood Fort McMurray
23-Sep-16 IND Olds Willow Creek
23-Sep-16 MPE Sexsmith Grande Prairie
23-Sep-16 MPE Peace River St. Joseph’s
23-Sep-16 MPE Valleyview Charles Spencer
23-Sep-16 MPE Peace Wapiti High Prairie
23-Sep-16 RAN McCoy Medicine Hat
23-Sep-16 RAN Brooks Strathmore
23-Sep-16 RAN(EX) Crescent Hgts. (MH) Drumheller
23-Sep-16 RKV Chestermere Cochrane
23-Sep-16 RKV Springbank George McDougall
23-Sep-16 RKV(EX) Bow Valley Canmore
23-Sep-16 SOU Catholic Central Chinook
23-Sep-16 SOU W.R. Myers Pincher Creek
23-Sep-16 SOU L.C.I. Cardston
23-Sep-16 WHE Bonnyville Athabasca
23-Sep-16 WHE Holy Rosary Vermilion
23-Sep-16 WHE Westlock Cold Lake
23-Sep-16 WHE St. Paul Wainwright
23-Sep-16 WHE Lloydminster Vegreville


27-Sep-16 RKV(EX) Chestermere Strathmore
29-Sep-16 6-Man Buck Mountain Holy Redeemer
29-Sep-16 6-Man Rimbey O.L.M.P.
29-Sep-16 CA1/2 Bishop Carroll Notre Dame (CAL)
29-Sep-16 CA1/2 Robert Thirsk Churchill/Bowness
29-Sep-16 CA1/2 Bishop Grandin St. Francis
29-Sep-16 CA1/2 MCLA St. Mary’s
29-Sep-16 CA1/2(EX) Centennial William Aberhart
29-Sep-16 CEN Sylvan Lake Rocky Mtn. House
29-Sep-16 ED2 Leduc Strathcona
29-Sep-16 ED2 St. Francis Xavier Archbishop O’Leary
29-Sep-16 ED2 McNally Ardrossan
29-Sep-16 MPE High Prairie Sexsmith
30-Sep-16 6-Man Ecole Desrochers Breton
30-Sep-16 6-Man Provost Caroline
30-Sep-16 6-Man Assumption Millwoods Christian
30-Sep-16 6-Man St. Joseph’s (Brooks) J.C. Charyk
30-Sep-16 6-Man Oscar Romero Harry Collinge
30-Sep-16 6-Man Heritage Christian Sedgewick
30-Sep-16 BRK Highwood Foothills
30-Sep-16 BRK Rundle College Holy Trinity (OKO)
30-Sep-16 CA1/2 Bishop O’Byrne Henry Wise Wood
30-Sep-16 CA1/2 Crescent Hgts. (CAL) Ernest Manning
30-Sep-16 CA3 James Fowler John G. Diefenbaker
30-Sep-16 CA3 Lord Beaverbrook Scarlett/Central
30-Sep-16 CA3 Lester B. Pearson Forest Lawn
30-Sep-16 CEN Notre Dame (RD) Lindsay Thurber
30-Sep-16 CEN Hunting Hills Lacombe
30-Sep-16 CEN Camrose Stettler
30-Sep-16 CEN Drayton Valley Wetaskiwin
30-Sep-16 ED1 Austin O’Brien Paul Kane
30-Sep-16 ED1 Bellerose Jasper Place
30-Sep-16 ED1 Spruce Grove Bev Facey
30-Sep-16 ED1 Harry Ainlay Ross Sheppard
30-Sep-16 ED3 Fort Saskatchewan Beaumont
30-Sep-16 ED3 J. Percy Page Queen Elizabeth
30-Sep-16 ED3 M.E. LaZerte W.P. Wagner
30-Sep-16 ED3 Archbishop Jordan Holy Trinity (EDM)
30-Sep-16 ED3(EX) Eastglen Charles Spencer
30-Sep-16 FTM Westwood Holy Trinity (FTM)
30-Sep-16 FTM Father Mercredi Fort McMurray
30-Sep-16 IND Olds Drumheller
30-Sep-16 MPE Peace Wapiti St. Joseph’s
30-Sep-16 MPE Valleyview Whitecourt
30-Sep-16 MPE Peace River Grande Prairie
30-Sep-16 RAN(EX) Medicine Hat W.R. Myers
30-Sep-16 RAN(EX) Strathmore W.H. Croxford
30-Sep-16 RKV Springbank Bow Valley
30-Sep-16 RKV Bert Church Chestermere
30-Sep-16 RKV George McDougall Cochrane
30-Sep-16 SOU Chinook Pincher Creek
30-Sep-16 SOU Cardston Catholic Central
30-Sep-16 SOU L.C.I. Raymond
30-Sep-16 WHE Westlock Holy Rosary
30-Sep-16 WHE Lloydminster St. Paul
30-Sep-16 WHE Athabasca Vegreville
30-Sep-16 WHE Vermilion Wainwright
30-Sep-16 WHE Cold Lake Bonnyville
1-Oct-16 RKV(EX) W.H. Croxford Canmore


5-Oct-16 IND Drumheller George McDougall
5-Oct-16 MPE Charles Spencer Peace Wapiti
5-Oct-16 RKV W.H. Croxford Bow Valley
6-Oct-16 6-Man Millwoods Christian Ecole Desrochers
6-Oct-16 BRK Holy Trinity (OKO) Foothills
6-Oct-16 BRK(EX) Rundle College Medicine Hat
6-Oct-16 CA1/2 Notre Dame (CAL) William Aberhart
6-Oct-16 CA3 Scarlett/Central Western Canada
6-Oct-16 CA3 Lester B. Pearson James Fowler
6-Oct-16 CA3 Lord Beaverbrook John G. Diefenbaker
6-Oct-16 CEN Sylvan Lake Stettler
6-Oct-16 CEN Ponoka Wetaskiwin
6-Oct-16 ED2 Ardrossan Leduc
6-Oct-16 ED3 Queen Elizabeth Fort Saskatchewan
6-Oct-16 ED3 Beaumont Holy Trinity (EDM)
6-Oct-16 ED3 Eastglen M.E. LaZerte
6-Oct-16 ED3 W.P. Wagner Archbishop Jordan
6-Oct-16 MPE Sexsmith Valleyview
6-Oct-16 MPE Grande Prairie High Prairie
6-Oct-16 MPE Peace River Whitecourt
6-Oct-16 RAN McCoy Brooks
6-Oct-16 RAN Crescent Hgts. (MH) Strathmore
6-Oct-16 RKV Springbank Chestermere
6-Oct-16 RKV Cochrane Bert Church
6-Oct-16 SOU Willow Creek Chinook
6-Oct-16 SOU Catholic Central Winston Churchill
6-Oct-16 SOU(EX) W.R. Myers Highwood
6-Oct-16 WHE Pool A #1 Pool B #1
6-Oct-16 WHE Pool A #2 Pool B #2
6-Oct-16 WHE Pool A #3 Pool B #3
6-Oct-16 WHE Pool A #4 Pool B #4
6-Oct-16 WHE Pool A #5 Pool B #5
7-Oct-16 6-Man J.C. Charyk Provost
7-Oct-16 6-Man Heritage Christian St. Joseph’s (Brooks)
7-Oct-16 6-Man Harry Collinge Redwater
7-Oct-16 6-Man Sedgewick Holy Cross
7-Oct-16 6-Man Holy Redeemer Breton
7-Oct-16 6-Man O.L.M.P. Caroline
7-Oct-16 CA1/2 Bishop Grandin Ernest Manning
7-Oct-16 CA1/2 Bishop Carroll Crescent Hgts. (CAL)
7-Oct-16 CA1/2 St. Mary’s Centennial
7-Oct-16 CA1/2 Churchill/Bowness Henry Wise Wood
7-Oct-16 CA1/2 MCLA Robert Thirsk
7-Oct-16 CA1/2(EX) Bishop O’Byrne L.C.I.
7-Oct-16 CEN Wetaskiwin Ponoka
7-Oct-16 CEN Drayton Valley Camrose
7-Oct-16 ED1 Bev Facey Salisbury
7-Oct-16 ED1 Bellerose Paul Kane
7-Oct-16 ED1 Austin O’Brien Harry Ainlay
7-Oct-16 ED1 Jasper Place Ross Sheppard
7-Oct-16 ED2 Strathcona St. Francis Xavier
7-Oct-16 ED2 Archbishop O’Leary St. Albert
7-Oct-16 FTM Holy Trinity (FTM) Fort McMurray
7-Oct-16 FTM Father Mercredi Westwood
7-Oct-16 MPE(EX) St. Joseph’s Holy Trinity (OKO)
7-Oct-16 SOU Cardston Raymond
8-Oct-16 6-Man Oscar Romero Assumption
8-Oct-16 SOU(EX) Pincher Creek Drumheller


12-Oct-16 CA3 James Fowler Lord Beaverbrook
13-Oct-16 6-Man Millwoods Christian Holy Redeemer
13-Oct-16 6-Man Breton Buck Mountain
13-Oct-16 6-Man Caroline Rimbey
13-Oct-16 CA1/2 MCLA Churchill/Bowness
13-Oct-16 CA1/2 St. Mary’s Bishop O’Byrne
13-Oct-16 CA1/2 William Aberhart Bishop Grandin
13-Oct-16 CA1/2 Ernest Manning Bishop Carroll
13-Oct-16 CEN Ponoka Camrose
13-Oct-16 ED2 St. Albert St. Francis Xavier
13-Oct-16 ED2 Archbishop O’Leary McNally
13-Oct-16 ED2 Ardrossan Strathcona
13-Oct-16 RKV(EX) W.H. Croxford Brooks
14-Oct-16 6-Man Ecole Desrochers Oscar Romero
14-Oct-16 6-Man Provost Heritage Christian
14-Oct-16 6-Man Assumption Redwater
14-Oct-16 6-Man St. Joseph’s (Brooks) Holy Cross
14-Oct-16 6-Man O.L.M.P. J.C. Charyk
14-Oct-16 BRK Foothills Rundle College
14-Oct-16 BRK(EX) Holy Trinity (OKO) Raymond
14-Oct-16 CA1/2 Centennial Robert Thirsk
14-Oct-16 CA1/2 St. Francis Notre Dame (CAL)
14-Oct-16 CA3 Western Canada John G. Diefenbaker
14-Oct-16 CA3 Forest Lawn Scarlett/Central
14-Oct-16 CEN Notre Dame (RD) Hunting Hills
14-Oct-16 CEN Lindsay Thurber Lacombe
14-Oct-16 CEN Sylvan Lake Drayton Valley
14-Oct-16 CEN Stettler Rocky Mtn. House
14-Oct-16 ED1 Salisbury Ross Sheppard
14-Oct-16 ED1 Jasper Place Spruce Grove
14-Oct-16 ED1 Paul Kane Harry Ainlay
14-Oct-16 ED1 Bev Facey Austin O’Brien
14-Oct-16 ED3 Eastglen Queen Elizabeth
14-Oct-16 ED3 M.E. LaZerte Holy Trinity (EDM)
14-Oct-16 ED3 Archbishop Jordan Beaumont
14-Oct-16 ED3 J. Percy Page Fort Saskatchewan
14-Oct-16 FTM Fort McMurray Westwood
14-Oct-16 FTM Father Mercredi Holy Trinity (FTM)
14-Oct-16 IND Canmore Highwood
14-Oct-16 IND Drumheller Brooks
14-Oct-16 IND Canmore Highwood
14-Oct-16 MPE St. Joseph’s Sexsmith
14-Oct-16 MPE Peace Wapiti Grande Prairie
14-Oct-16 MPE High Prairie Peace River
14-Oct-16 MPE Whitecourt Charles Spencer
14-Oct-16 RAN Strathmore McCoy
14-Oct-16 RAN Medicine Hat Crescent Hgts. (MH)
14-Oct-16 RKV George McDougall Bert Church
14-Oct-16 RKV Bow Valley Chestermere
14-Oct-16 SOU Winston Churchill Cardston
14-Oct-16 SOU W.R. Myers Willow Creek
14-Oct-16 SOU L.C.I. Catholic Central
14-Oct-16 WHE Champ 1/4’s Pool A #2 Champ 1/4’s Pool B #3
14-Oct-16 WHE Champ 1/4’s Pool B #2 Champ 1/4’s Pool A #3
14-Oct-16 WHE Cons. Semis Pool A #4 Cons. Semis Pool B #5
14-Oct-16 WHE Cons. Semis Pool B #4 Cons. Semis Pool A #5
15-Oct-16 IND Drumheller Olds
15-Oct-16 RKV Cochrane Springbank


18-Oct-16 RAN #4 #5
19-Oct-16 CA1/2 Crescent Hgts. (CAL) Churchill/Bowness
19-Oct-16 ED2 Leduc Archbishop O’Leary
19-Oct-16 ED2 St. Francis Xavier McNally
19-Oct-16 ED2 Strathcona St. Albert
19-Oct-16 RKV(EX) Bow Valley Pincher Creek
20-Oct-16 6-Man Holy Redeemer Harry Collinge
20-Oct-16 6-Man Buck Mountain Millwoods Christian
20-Oct-16 6-Man Breton Oscar Romero
20-Oct-16 CA1/2 Ernest Manning Robert Thirsk
20-Oct-16 CA1/2 William Aberhart MCLA
20-Oct-16 CA3 Lord Beaverbrook Lester B. Pearson
20-Oct-16 CA3 John G. Diefenbaker Forest Lawn
20-Oct-16 CA3 Western Canada James Fowler
20-Oct-16 ED3 M.E. LaZerte J. Percy Page
20-Oct-16 ED3 Beaumont W.P. Wagner
20-Oct-16 ED3 Fort Saskatchewan Holy Trinity (EDM)
20-Oct-16 ED3 Archbishop Jordan Eastglen
20-Oct-16 MPE St. Joseph’s Valleyview
21-Oct-16 6-Man Redwater Ecole Desrochers
21-Oct-16 6-Man Provost St. Joseph’s (Brooks)
21-Oct-16 6-Man Sedgewick Rimbey
21-Oct-16 6-Man Holy Cross O.L.M.P.
21-Oct-16 6-Man Heritage Christian J.C. Charyk
21-Oct-16 BRK #1 #4
21-Oct-16 BRK #2 #3
21-Oct-16 CA1/2 Henry Wise Wood St. Francis
21-Oct-16 CA1/2 Bishop Carroll Bishop O’Byrne
21-Oct-16 CA1/2 Centennial Notre Dame (CAL)
21-Oct-16 CA1/2 William Aberhart MCLA
21-Oct-16 CEN Lacombe Notre Dame (RD)
21-Oct-16 CEN Lindsay Thurber Hunting Hills
21-Oct-16 CEN Rocky Mtn. House Drayton Valley
21-Oct-16 CEN Ponoka Sylvan Lake
21-Oct-16 CEN Camrose Wetaskiwin
21-Oct-16 ED1 Ross Sheppard Austin O’Brien
21-Oct-16 ED1 Salisbury Jasper Place
21-Oct-16 ED1 Paul Kane Bev Facey
21-Oct-16 ED1 Spruce Grove Bellerose
21-Oct-16 FTM #1 #4
21-Oct-16 FTM #2 #3
21-Oct-16 MPE Peace Wapiti Peace River
21-Oct-16 MPE Charles Spencer Grande Prairie
21-Oct-16 MPE Whitecourt High Prairie
21-Oct-16 RAN #1 Winner 4/5
21-Oct-16 RAN #2 #3
21-Oct-16 RKV Div A #1 Div A #4
21-Oct-16 RKV Div A #2 Div A #3
21-Oct-16 RKV Div B #2 Div B #3
21-Oct-16 SOU Winston Churchill L.C.I.
21-Oct-16 SOU W.R. Myers Chinook
21-Oct-16 SOU Willow Creek Cardston
21-Oct-16 SOU Catholic Central Raymond
21-Oct-16 WHE Pool A #1 Champ 1/4 Winner
21-Oct-16 WHE Pool B #1 Champ 1/4 Winner
21-Oct-16 WHE Cons. Semi Winner Cons. Semi Loser
21-Oct-16 WHE Cons. Semi Winner Cons. Semi Loser
22-Oct-16 IND Drumheller Canmore


26-Oct-16 CA3 Scarlett/Central Lester B. Pearson
26-Oct-16 CA3 Forest Lawn James Fowler
26-Oct-16 CA3 Western Canada Lord Beaverbrook
26-Oct-16 ED3 M.E. LaZerte Beaumont
26-Oct-16 ED3 Fort Saskatchewan Archbishop Jordan
26-Oct-16 ED3 W.P. Wagner Queen Elizabeth
26-Oct-16 ED3 Eastglen J. Percy Page
27-Oct-16 6-Man Rimbey J.C. Charyk
27-Oct-16 6-Man Oscar Romero Millwoods Christian
27-Oct-16 6-Man Caroline Heritage Christian
27-Oct-16 CA1/2 Notre Dame (CAL) Bishop Grandin
27-Oct-16 CA1/2 William Aberhart Bishop Carroll
27-Oct-16 CA1/2 Centennial MCLA
27-Oct-16 CA1/2 St. Francis Crescent Hgts. (CAL)
27-Oct-16 CA1/2 Henry Wise Wood St. Mary’s
27-Oct-16 CA1/2 Bishop O’Byrne Churchill/Bowness
27-Oct-16 ED2 #1 #4
27-Oct-16 ED2 #2 #3
28-Oct-16 6-Man Holy Cross Provost
28-Oct-16 6-Man Harry Collinge Buck Mountain
28-Oct-16 6-Man O.L.M.P. Sedgewick
28-Oct-16 6-Man Redwater Holy Redeemer
28-Oct-16 BRK Winner Semi Winner Semi
28-Oct-16 BRK Loser Semi Loser Semi
28-Oct-16 CEN City #1 City #4
28-Oct-16 CEN City #2 City #3
28-Oct-16 CEN Rural #1 Rural #4
28-Oct-16 CEN Rural #2 Rural #3
28-Oct-16 CEN Rural #6 Rural #7
28-Oct-16 ED1 Salisbury Paul Kane
28-Oct-16 ED1 Spruce Grove Austin O’Brien
28-Oct-16 ED1 Harry Ainlay Bev Facey
28-Oct-16 ED1 Ross Sheppard Bellerose
28-Oct-16 FTM Winner Semi Winner Semi
28-Oct-16 RAN Winner Semi Winner Semi
28-Oct-16 RAN Loser Semi Loser Semi
28-Oct-16 RKV Winner Div A Semi Winner Div A Semi
28-Oct-16 RKV Loser Div A Semi Loser Div A Semi
28-Oct-16 RKV Div B #1 Winner Div B Semi
28-Oct-16 SOU Tier II #1 Tier II #2
28-Oct-16 SOU Tier III #2 Tier III #3
28-Oct-16 SOU Tier IV #1 Tier IV #4
28-Oct-16 SOU Tier IV #2 Tier IV #3
28-Oct-16 WHE Champ Semi Winner Champ Semi Winner
28-Oct-16 WHE Cons. Finalist Cons. Finalist
29-Oct-16 6-Man Ecole Desrochers Assumption
29-Oct-16 MPE Athabasca Semi Athabasca Semi
29-Oct-16 MPE Athabasca Semi Athabasca Semi
29-Oct-16 MPE Peace Semi Peace Semi
29-Oct-16 MPE Peace Semi Peace Semi
WEEKS 10-11, Semis and Finals
2-Nov-16 6-Man J.C. Charyk Caroline
3-Nov-16 6-Man Buck Mountain Redwater
3-Nov-16 6-Man Rimbey Holy Cross
3-Nov-16 6-Man Millwoods Christian Breton
3-Nov-16 CA1/2 Div. I #3 Div I #6
3-Nov-16 CA1/2 Div. I #4 Div I #5
3-Nov-16 CA1/2 Div II #3 Div II #6
3-Nov-16 CA1/2 Div II #4 Div II #5
4-Nov-16 6-Man Assumption Harry Collinge
4-Nov-16 6-Man St. Joseph’s (Brooks) Sedgewick
4-Nov-16 6-Man Holy Redeemer Oscar Romero
4-Nov-16 6-Man O.L.M.P. Heritage Christian
4-Nov-16 CA3 #3 #6
4-Nov-16 CA3 #4 #5
4-Nov-16 CEN Rural Finalist Rural Finalist
4-Nov-16 CEN Rural #5 Rural Winner 6/7
4-Nov-16 RAN Tier II RAN Tier II SOU
5-Nov-16 BRK Tier II BRK Tier II RKV
5-Nov-16 CEN City Finalist City Finalist
5-Nov-16 ED1 Tier I #1 Tier I #6
5-Nov-16 ED1 Tier I #2 Tier I #5
5-Nov-16 ED1 Tier I #3 Tier I #4
5-Nov-16 FTM FTM Tier II WHE Tier II
5-Nov-16 FTM FTM Tier III WHE Tier III
5-Nov-16 FTM FTM Tier IV WHE Tier IV
5-Nov-16 MPE Athabasca Final Athabasca Final
5-Nov-16 MPE Peace Final Peace Final
5-Nov-16 SOU Tier I #1 Tier I #2
5-Nov-16 SOU Tier III #1 Winner Tier III Semi
5-Nov-16 SOU Winner Tier IV Semi Winner Tier IV Semi
8-Nov-16 CA1/2 Div I #1 Winner 4/5
8-Nov-16 CA1/2 Div I #2 Winner 3/4
8-Nov-16 CA1/2 Div II #1 Winner 4/5
8-Nov-16 CA1/2 Div II #2 Winner 3/4
8-Nov-16 CA3 #1 Winner 4/5
8-Nov-16 CA3 #2 Winner 3/4
12-Nov-16 CA1/2 Div I Finalist Div I Finalist
12-Nov-16 CA1/2 Div II Finalist Div II Finalist
12-Nov-16 CA3 Div III Finalist Div III Finalist