Alberta Summer Games

Football Alberta is pleased to announce the following 38 players who have been selected out of the 2016 Alberta Summer Games in Leduc to represent the province on Team Alberta U16 in the 2017 International Bowl in January.  Details of the International Bowl for 2017 have yet to be released.  The last two events were held in Arlington, Texas and played in AT&T Stadium (home of the Dallas Cowboys)

Team Alberta U16
(listed by position alphabetically and with the Zone they were selected from)

Russell Dixon (Zone 5)
Kristian Stembridge (Zone 3)

Payton Burbank (Zone 2)
Quinten Ingersoll (Zone 5)
Zach Krottner (Zone 3)
Matthew Peterson (Zone 1)
Romereo Reid (Zone 3)

Ajou Ajou (Zone 1)
Richard Jans (Zone 4)
Max McCarty (Zone 3)
Keaton Neish (Zone 2)
Lucas Robertson (Zone 6)

Offensive Line
Graeme Alde (Zone 8)
Kalin Betts (Zone 1)
Parker Nakamura (Zone 2)
Nolan O’Donovan (Zone 3)
Tommy Walters (Zone 5)
Jacob Weller (Zone 4)

Defensive Line
Matthew Bruce (Zone 2)
Lamar Goods (Zone 7)
Isaiah Neil (Zone 6)
Nick Schmeiler (Zone 3)
Jaxon Smith (Zone 5)
Nathan Teitz (Zone 2)

Tyshon Blackburn (Zone 3)
Caleb Callaghan (Zone 3)
Anthony Cardone (Zone 3)
Austin Hillard (Zone 3)
Dolan Hills (Zone 4)
Brett Yost (Zone 5)

Defensive Backs
Declan Collins (Zone 3)
Kyle Godina (Zone 5)
Shaun Horvath (Zone 5)
Brandon Kiehl-Grif (Zone 1)
Brennan Stonehouse (Zone 3)
Maxwell Strauss (Zone 3)

Silas Fagnan (Zone 7)
Jonathan Giustini (Zone 3)

2016 Alberta Summer Games – Leduc, July 14-17

*** Players and Coaches…

If you go to there will be an order form on online for ordering video from this year’s ASG.

Game # TIME  Home Score Away Field (Lede Park)
Friday, July 15          
1 9:30am Parkland 17 – 0 Edmonton Football #2
2 10:30am Calgary 44 – 0 Peace Country Football #1
3 1:30pm Sunny South 20 – 14 Big Country Football #2
4 2:30pm Blackgold 28 -6 North East Football #1
Saturday, July 16  
5 9:30am Edmonton 22 – 6 North East Football #2
6 10:30am Parkland 21 -31 Blackgold Football #1
7 1:30pm Peace Country 6 – 41 Big Country Football #2
8 2:30pm Calgary 35 – 6 Sunny South Football #1
Sunday, July 17
9 8:00am Parkland 14 – 38 Sunny South Football #1 (Bronze)
10 8:00am North East 63 – 0 Peace Country Football #2
11 10:30 AM Edmonton 19 – 6 Big Country Football #2
12 10:30 AM Blackgold 7 – 25 Calgary Football #1 (Gold)

The 2016 Alberta Summer Game competition will be held in Leduc from July 14-17, 2016. This event is the only multi-sport major games type competition that features tackle football as a participant. The football competition is designed to feature eight Zones divided up geographically competing with current or graduating bantam football players (i.e. eligible to play in the fall of 2015).

The Zone teams will be selected as follows and the registration link is now open for players. Please link to this document to see how to register if you haven’t been given the information from your team/league. Players must tryout in the Zone they reside in.  Please check out the Zone Map to see what Zone you should register in:

Download Zone Map – PDF 122 KB or check the List of Zones by Community. For participating players, here is a link to the 2016 Waiver of Liability Release Code of Conduct.


Zone Camp Date(s) Location Contact Contact Phone
May 14
May 27-28
Medicine Hat
Martin Woolf

Brad Brown



May 5-8 Okotoks Matt Hassett (403)938-0281
May 5-8 Calgary

Final Roster

Al Cooper (403)998-0527
May 7-8 & 14-15 Lacombe Duane Brown (403)506-8082
May 7-8 St. Albert

Final Roster

Mike Taylor (780)217-0640
May 24-26 & 28-29 Edmonton
Final Roster
James Devine (780)977-0756
May 21-22 Bonnyville Dan Jubinville (780)573-5764
May 14-15 Grande Prairie Aaron Hodges (780)831-8353

Alberta Summer Games Football Competition Information

AGE GROUPS: Bantam: Athletes eligible to participate will be graduating in June from Grade 9 or lower Grades and will not turn 17 during the calendar year of 2016.

ZONE TEAM COMPOSITION:  Note: There are no “fills” in football.

The maximum team size shall be 35 competitors per Zone with 7 Adults (coaches/staff) associated with the team.


Athletes: Athletes eligible to participate will be graduating in June from Grade 9 or lower Grades and will not turn 17 during the calendar year of competition.  Anyone, regardless of gender or previous playing experience, fitting the age category may try out for their Zone team.

Coaches: A minimum of one (1) member of the coaching staff for each Zone must be fully certified (theory, technical, and practical) under the National Coaches Certification Program to at least Level I in Football.

After Making the Zone Team: $100* per individual to Football Alberta covers the cost of the team jersey (which the athlete keeps) , officials fees, athletic therapy coverage, and ASG Individual Registration Fee.
*  Organizers may charge more if they plan to cover training camp expenses such as meals and accommodation. Limit $200 for Zones 3, 5 & 6 with centralized teams and $300 for Zones 1, 2, 4, 7, & 8 with spread out teams to assist with accommodation,travel and meals for Training Camps.


All Zone team competitors, who qualify to compete at the ASG (excluding coaches/managers) are required to pay an individual registration fee of $40.  This fee will go towards off setting the costs associated with running the event.  This fee is due with the athletes registration form for the ASG by June 15, 2010 and will be part of the $100/player payable to Football Alberta who will then forward the $40 to the ASRPWF.


  • Eight (8) team tournament
  • Open to tryout for males and females on an equal basis

Tournament governed by the Canadian Amateur Tackle Rule Book.


1) Timing rule (Rule 1, Section 5) which will be circumvented during the Preliminary Games.


A three (3) person jury will be appointed by Football Alberta.  The only protest-able items will be player eligibility and violation of the timelines for training camps .  A complainant must have clear evidence the violation and submit a $200 protest bond.  The complete protest procedure is outlined in the Alberta Summer Games Policy and Procedure Manual (See enclosed).


Zone teams will be created by holding tryout camps in each zone.  These camps must run for a minimum of 4 practices over one weekend to a maximum of 8 practices over two weekends (or the equivalent stretched over one weekend to the next weekend).  The tryouts must take place from May 1 though May 31 of the competition year (unless specially requested otherwise).  Payment of the $95.00 fee to Football Alberta must be received prior to the first tryout practice.

Final rosters are due along with the fee charged to the players making each zone team to the Football Alberta office by June 15th of the competition year or earlier if designated by the ASRPWF.

Zone teams will be allowed 30 hours of their choosing in which to operate their Training Camps to prepare for the ASG with a maximum of no more than two on-field practices per day.  The selected hours and days must be approved by the Provincial Sport Advisor.


Zone Teams may not scrimmage against outside competition at any time throughout the selection process or training camp.  That is the rational for the 35 person roster. Should injuries or withdrawels occur other players may not replace final roster players unless done so prior to the submission of the final roster.  Final roster on June 15th means final.


Provincial Sport Representative:
Tim Enger, Football Alberta